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About Dr. Chuck


Dr. Cochran received his doctorate in chiropractic from Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa. Since his graduation in 1984, his post graduate education has included programs in skeletal radiography, diagnosis and treatment of soft tissue injuries, operation and diagnostic procedures of liquid crystal and infrared scanner thermography, and philosophy and clinical techniques of acupuncture. He has also had the opportunity to teach college-level human anatomy and physiology.

He was in private practice in 1997, when he turned his focus towards research and development of nutraceutical formulations. During this time, he also owned and operated a multi-disciplinary clinic that included practitioners from four different philosophical backgrounds. In 1989, he opened The Mind Spa, one of the first clinics to use light, sound, and electrical stimulation to the central nervous system to induce altered states of consciousness. In these relaxed, aware states, patients were able to become aware of the mental and emotional components of chronic pain and accelerate their healing processes, as well as, modify undesired behaviors.

In the past, Dr. Cochran served as director of nutritional development for a nutritional company that specialized in over 32 spirulina-based and anti-oxidant formulas. He has also served on several boards of prominent nutritional companies, and is still consulting with several of these companies helping them to design nutritional programs and individual products. He has created several nutritional formulas that are presently being sold throughout North America, Europe, and Australia. He founded Royal Nutriceuticals, a product / concept development company, in 1998, and since then has been developing new extraction techniques to isolate specific compounds from Spirulina platensis and Dunaliella salina algaes. Royal Nutriceuticals has also developed an artichoke bud - sarsaparilla root extract that has been found to have quite profound liver regenerating qualities. And more recently, he co-founded Natural Bridges Products, Inc., manufacturers of First Call, a hangover-prevention product that is presently being marketed under a patent-pending status. He is presently in private practice and seeing patients at Cochran Integrative Health in Pismo Beach, California, where he specializes in developing and administrating comprehensive nutritional and dietary analytical protocols.

Dr. Cochran has authored several articles and his booklet entitled Dr. Cochran Discusses Arthritis and Cetyl Myristoleate has sold over 150,000 copies. Because of his extensive work with the various fatty acid ester complexes containing cetyl myristoleate, related analogs, and their effects on the different forms of arthritis, he was nominated, and was a finalist, for the International Olympic Prize endowed by Pfizer for the year 2002.

He loves to teach and, consequently, finds himself doing weekly radio shows, writing, and speaking on his favorite topics of chiropractic, health, and nutrition.